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Books or Movies?

Hello witches, wizards and muggles.

I am Asmi Raniga and this is my first Harry Potter blog discussion.

So today we are going to discuss if the books are better or the movies.

As much as I love the movies, I have got to choose the books. They have so much detail in them and I just love them. The movies can’t include everything because they have a limited time.

So that is my opinion. What do you think?

Let me know in the comments.

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36 thoughts on “Books or Movies?

  1. I’m a Potterhead myself, and I am delighted to have found another one, my age, I think. I like the books better too, but I like the movies almost as much. Keep blogging Asmi! And I suggest that you bring up a topic to discuss every week!

    Your friend,

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      1. Great job on your magazine and blog, Asmi! Really enjoyed them both and will be looking forward to the same every month!
        I will have to agree with you on the books though the movies are a great adaptation as well!

        Your friend,

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  2. Well very nice topic and according to me movie is best beacause it’s visual and listing also so for grasping and understanding it will b easy …
    And keep it up all the best beta nice one

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  3. I prefer the books too! You’re right, they have more detail and the movies overlook some things, like how Harry Potter’s eye colour is supposed to be green, but are blue in the movies. Good luck with your blog!

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  4. Wow, love the idea of a HP magazine! I’ll definitely check it out sometime.

    I’m pretty sure a majority of us would prefer the book (myself included), cause the movies kind of leave out some important parts

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  5. I actually prefer movies of Harry Potter even though I’m a bookworm! It gives so much blessing to our eyes just by seeing all the graphics, magics and the beauty of each characters!

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  6. Hello Asmi!!
    I simply love your magazines especially the jokes and crafts!! I am totally with you that books outweigh the movies! The movies sure have cinematic effects and all but nothing’s like the imagination the mind creates through words..
    Keep writing!! 😊

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