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I’m back!! + An Important Announcement

Hello witches, wizards, demigods, ringers and bookworms!!!
I’m back!!! I’m so sorry for being very inactive, I had taken indefinite hiatus.
I have loads of posts drafted so expect some posts in your feed for the next week!!

So. The Important Announcement:
I have also not been posting my magazine, very sorry about that.”
The Luna edition will be posted next year 😅
I’m so sorry about that.
On May 15th is Professor Sprout’s birthday!!!
That will be my May edition!!

You can send me any article, craft, fact, art, recipe, quiz question you know on
Make sure to send it before May 11th!!!!

And to make up for my inactive-ness, I shall post 4 days in a row!!
I shall review the PJO books!!! (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

I’ve already posted the Lightning Thief’s review, here’s the link:

P.S- Do you still remember me?

See ya soon!!! Till then,

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Creativity wins Contest-By Anushka

Anushka stories

Hey all!! I got some exciting news for you all and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. So I decided to host a 1 month competition with you all. Well this is going to be really fun!! And I know you would love doing it. Now let’s come to the rules of this competition.


  • Reblog this post on your blog with the title Creativity Wins(Or any other)If you reblog this post you get 2 points already.
  • You have to score the maxium points to win this contest. The one with the lowest points will be eliminated. There will be 2 challenges.
  • I’ll be giving you very fun topics to write on every week. You will either write a poem or story it’s upto the challenge I give
  • Even if you don’t have a blog you can still participate.
  • I will be judging your entries and I…

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100 followers?! + Assumptions About Me!

Hello witches, wizards, demigods and ringers!!
So recently, I got this notification-

Aaaaaaaaah! I can’t believe it!

Gods!!! I’m so happy!!! Thank you all so much!!
I delayed this post for quite a bit 😅

So right now, I have 119 followers!! 😁
Thank you so much!!

So for celebrating, I’m going to be doing an Assumptions About Me post!
So please comment in your assumptions! I’m giving you time till 25th January! That’s the due date!
Thank you so much! Waiting to answer them!!

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Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Book Review!

Hello witches, wizards, demigods, ringers and bookworms!
Today, I am going to be doing a book review!

I finished reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning  Thief a while back, and here I am with the review.

The book’s title and author- Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.

Plot- So, Percy is a twelve year old. He lives with his mom, Sally Jackson and his stepdad, Gabe Ugliano who Percy used to call Smelly Gabe.

He learns he is a half- blood or a demigod, that means half god, half human/mortal.

His best friend is Grover Underwood

He has a dad who is a Greek god, I am not going to tell you who as it’s a spoiler.

He soon finds out that Zeus’ master bolt has been stolen and he is the top suspect.
To get his trust back, he goes on a dangerous quest, along with Annabeth Chase, (who soon becomes his best friend) She is very smart and her sword- work is amazing. They meet several monsters on the way, to find the actual thief in order to avoid a war between the gods.


5 stars of course!

I love this book a lot! It is really well written.
It’s amazhang!! (If you get my reference!)

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50 followers and 100 likes! + What should I call you?

Hello witches, wizards and muggles!

Thank you so much for 50 followers and 100 likes!!
I am so happy!

And I am going to do both, Lord of the Rings and the Percy Jackson book review!

Maybe this blog might not be fully about Harry Potter, might be a bookish blog.

Maybe I should call you guys- witches, wizards, muggles, demigods and ringers?
Let me know!
Thank you again!
Stay safe!